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Brown Hair Model



Short $290
Medium $340
Long $390
Extra long $420 - $470

What is Nanoplasty

Nanoplasty, also known as Nanoplastia or Nanoplastica, is an innovative hair straightening and restorative system that outshines traditional keratin treatments. Unlike its counterparts that contain harmful substances like Formaldehyde and its derivatives, Nanoplasty offers a 100% Vegan-friendly formula, ensuring a safer and healthier hair treatment experience.

Is it safe? 
Nanoplasty is completely safe as it is free from formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. For individuals that have allergies or sensitivities to harsh treatments this is a safe hair straightening option, Nanoplasty proves to be an ideal choice, eliminating the need to endure the pungent smell of Formaldehyde /chemicals during the procedure. 

Key benifits of nanoplasty 
• long-lasting straight hair for up to 8 months, 
• a high-impact glossy finish 
• exceptionally soft and silky hair
• complete eradication of frizz
• deep hydration, and nourishment for the hair. 
• 100% elimination of frizz 
• hair fiber restoration 
• Sealed cuticles with a high shine effect 
• fast and efficient application process 
• vegan friendly 
• cruelty free 
• counteracts brassiness 
• suitable for both blonde and grey hair 
• highly effective both bleached and natural hair 
• no requirement to use sulfate free shampoos 
• hair can be washed straight after treatments no leaving product in the hair for 3 days 
• swimming and water does not affect treatment 
• results are smooth and straight but still has movement and body 
• hair can still be styled with curls and volume  without effecting the treatment 
• results do not wash out it grows out of the hair 

How does it work? 

Nanoplasty utilises revolutionary nanoparticles and intracellular nutrition to straighten hair without causing damage. Our nanoparticles are approximately 750 times smaller than those used in conventional keratin systems, allowing the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the Hair fibre without opening the cuticle. This eliminates the need for a deep cleansing shampoo, making it a fast and effective one step system.

The formula contains essential organic acids and hydrolysed vegetable keratin, including the exclusive 0zone protein, coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil, ascorbic acid, acetic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients increase hydration, aid in the hair reconstruction and promote regrowth without causing harm. All the natural ingredients used in the product are organically sourced, making it vegan friendly 

If you're up for a hair transformation adventure, investing in Nanoplasty could be the game-changer you've been waiting for! Say hello to long-lasting sleek locks, bid farewell to curl & frizz, and get ready for some serious hair hydration magic – because this Nanoplasty journey might just be the key to unlocking your fabulous new look!

Feel free to contact me for any more questions 

Nanoplasty: Nanoplasty
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